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Hiqmah Charity Organization

Orphan Care

We mobilize resources towards the support of the orphans

Da'awah Programmes

We organize da'awah Programmes for communities.

Relief Support

We mobilize relief for the affected communities during disasters

Our Services

HIQMAH CHARITY ORGANIZATION follows a well-planned agenda for proper implementation of its activities as seen:

Schools & Mosque Construction

We do construct schools for the vulnerable orphans within the Eastern. We ensure that the schools are built to the standards set by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Science of Uganda.

Da'awah Activities

Various dawah activities ranging from seminars, khalaqas, darasas and Women seminars are done periodically by the Organization in various places in and around Eastern. We also train sheikhs into good public figures who can communicate issues so that they can be well understood by the community..

Aqiiqah & General Sacrifies

We do Aqiiqa for the orphans within our jurisdiction and at our centers regionally. Here we slaughter for them goats and take them through various activities that clears the tears of lack of parents..

Orphan Care

Orphan care is our passionate activity. Here we provide food, accommodation, clothing, scholastic materials and other basic needs for them..

Ramadan & Kurban

We offer Iftar during Ramadhan for the Fasting Muslims, Collect and distribute Zakatul Fitr and organize Iddi celebrations for the orphans.

Water & Sanitation

We do ensure that the community has clean water by constructing boreholes for them, spring wells and water reservoirs for keeping water.

Our Latest Projects

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Hiqmah Charity Organization

HIQMAH CHARITY ORGANIZATION was founded by the Directors (Madanda Mubarak and Wokou Umaru). They were inspired by a vision of transforming the lives of the vulnerable citizens of Uganda into a self-sustaining and personal development mode. This was also hopped to give them (Vulnerable) a brighter tomorrow. He has always tried to help the vulnerable at his convenience till when he sought out for better ways of giving help to the vulnerable as an organization.
  • Orphan Care
  • Schools and Mosque Construction
  • Da'wah Activities
  • Relief Aid
  • Ramadan & Kurban
  • Economic Empowerment
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